Monday, February 24, 2014

Teaching Chinese Art in 2016, the Year of the Monkey

Bu Hua, AD 3012 - 8, giclee print, 54 x 375cm, image courtesy the artist
Updated questions, new images and (I hope) a more user-friendly interface: this is what you will now find when you click on the tabs for each artist page. More artists coming very soon - including Bu Hua (Animation, Design, Painting and Printmaking) and Han Yajuan (Painting and Sculpture) as well as links to the Case Studies and Education Resources I have produced for Sydney's White Rabbit Gallery. These include Xu Zhen, Wang Lei, He Xiangyu and Guo Jian. Click HERE to see the White Rabbit Gallery education page

And all this is now linked to my full website: which features interviews, reviews, articles, links to interesting resources and much more.

Why would you NOT study contemporary Chinese art? After all, it's pretty much the most dynamic, interesting and extraordinary art being made in the world today! It's 'The Art of Now'!

In Chinese: Bu Jian Bu San! 不见不散! Be There or Be Square!

见不散 Be There or Be Squar

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