Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ways to use the Art of Now in the classroom

Sculptor Gao Rong in her Beijing studio, October 2013, image Luise Guest reproduced with permission of the artist

Last weekend I presented my theories about how to encourage to students to write authentic, interested and fully engaged and knowledgeable accounts of contemporary art which do not rely on second-hand information, or (God forbid!) plagiarism. Ways to avoid that instant reaction that all the world's knowledge can be found without too much effort or thought with a Google search. Ways to insist on an unmediated response to the artwork itself in the first instance, followed by good solid research and guided inquiry. And ways to re-engage the disengaged student with artworks that are so compelling and interesting that they provide 'the hook'!

Here is a link to  the slides from that presentation:

Remember that this site can be used in multiple ways by teachers and students. Just click on the tabs at the top to select your chosen artist, or the background context "The Art of Revolution". More detailed advice is contained in "How to use this site"

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